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What Is Henna? History, Cultivation, Production

What is Henna?. . . . .

Used in skin and hair products such as lotions and shampoos, perfumes, oils. Celebrities in particularly musicians, who flaunt their tattoos, have brought much awareness to the art. . Portugal - hena.

Bangladesh - mehndi. In addition, it is recognized to prevent acne and improve pastillas para los granos the entire appearance of the skin. After the 12th century the use of henna to brighten our bodies came into common use throughout India. Decorate brides in Arab countries.

Spanish - alhena. The leaves have asimilar shape like an almond, and sprout equally in opposite positions. Some historians believe henna is native towards the Middle East, others believe its origin is North Africa. Dye fabrics.

Cultivation. The leaves have asimilar shape such as an almond, and sprout equally in opposite positions. Some farming communitiesadd control of fertilizer to enrich the soil, while some do not, because many years of reaping bountiful high quality crops can be a testament towards the richness of the soil. The earliest evidence of henna utilized in decorating the body and dyeing the hair, were foundon the nails and hair of Egyptian mummies. Names According to Country .

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